It started with an accident

Maersk Training was founded as the result of a human error. That error led to an accident that might have been prevented by better training.
In a company based on the key value that “no loss should hit us which can be avoided with constant care”, this was not acceptable. The purpose of our company is to improve safety procedures and performance.

That was in 1978. Since then, we have added a number of specialised training areas: Maritime, Wind, Survival, Safety & Security, People Skills, Crane Operation and Human Resource Services.

Today, Maersk Training is an independent business unit with worldwide training facilities open to all companies.

Safety first

Safety first and quality always - default settings for all our courses and seminars. At any given day at any given safety course, our instructors are performing with reliability, quality and highest standards within the maritime, oil & gas and wind industry.

Training for real life

To reach these goals, we base our more than 200 different courses on the conviction that training should be as close to real life as possible. We have invested heavily in building advanced simulators to provide realistic training. We deliver more than textbook theory. We plan and tailor training to the reality of the people we train. And as we live in a dynamic, progressing world, we believe in constant development, improving our training and facilities all the time.

Operational experience

Our training is based on operational experience and real life scenarios. We believe in creating opportunities for our customers by sharing skills and building competences. By training the individual as well as the team dynamics we will enable our customers to achieve a safe working environment and increase their operational performance